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Who Is JyoHx? (Q&A + Exclusive 'Space Escort' Preview!)

JyoHx is a brand-new artist on our radar, and he may also be an artist that you haven't discovered yet either!

Hailing from Indonesia with just shy of 1000 followers on Soundcloud, JyoHx is an artist that previously has sent in demo submissions to us in the past. Unlike any of his previous demos, 'Space Escort' stood out from the crowd, and was a track we definitely wanted to get signed up onto FFA! Here is a Q&A with JyoHx, going through his inspirations in music, what drives his creativity and what styles of music he loves the most...

Let's begin!

1. How did you first become interested in electronic music, and what inspired you to start creating your own music?

"At first I really liked listening to music from several pop artists where there were several songs of that band, who inspired me and made me interested in trying to dig deeper into music. This also made me interested in learning some musical instruments such as the drums, guitar, and piano.

I was first interested in electronic music when I accidentally came across it from some of my friends a few years ago in high school and started listening to electronic music more often than other music. I feel very enthusiastic about this genre, starting from the groove and the musical energy is very catchy to my ears and really catches my attention. Since then my curiosity about EDM started peaking and I started to explore more electronic music on some of the available streaming platforms. The versatility and creativity in this genre fascinates me and makes me feel different emotions in every song I listen to. The combination of various elements and the manipulation of sound in such a complex way inspired me to pursue it further and make it my preferred genre of music."

2. Could you share a little about your creative process when it comes to producing electronic music? Do you have any unique techniques or rituals that help you get into the right mindset?

"Every day, I simply sit for hours in front of my computer and try to experiment with everything, but sometimes I do it without a clear purpose and just keep going until I achieve an end result that I think is good enough to be used in my track, and then export it to my library.

I often practice using various methods I learned from the internet and from previous experimenting experiences, without creating a complete track, solely focusing on following my creative process until I find a sound that can inspire me and create a good mood for making music.

When I have no ideas at all, I just open Soundcloud and listen to some tracks from artists I like to boost my production mood. Sometimes I simply recreate parts of the tracks I enjoy and relearn elements that I feel I haven't mastered yet, then add a little twist to make it sound fresh and brand-new."

3. What excites you the most about releasing your music on Full Flex Audio? Is there a particular aspect or opportunity that you're looking forward to?

"I have listened to many unique songs from several incredibly talented underground artists at FFA, and coincidentally, some of those artists have been an inspiration for me to further experiment.

I've always wanted to be part of the FFA family and release songs there, but sometimes I often feel that my music production skills are lacking in some aspects and I have a lot to learn and maybe not even worthy to participate in the label. Nevertheless, I have managed to overcome my insecurities by dedicating a significant amount of time to practicing and refining my music production techniques. Additionally, the support and encouragement from my fellow musicians have played a crucial role in boosting my confidence. Moving forward, I hope to have the opportunity to connect with many talented individuals and inspire aspiring musicians in the music industry."

4. We all have our musical guilty pleasures. Is there a specific track or artist in a different genre that you secretly enjoy, and how, if at all, does it influence your electronic music creations?

"As a musician, I believe it's important not to limit ourselves to a single genre. Exploring diverse sources of inspiration in music creation can result in a fresher and more unique sound. Personally, I frequently engage in trial and error until I discover intriguing ideas worth experimenting with.

Moreover, I listen to songs beyond the EDM genre, such as Twenty One Pilots, One Ok Rock, and many more of them which inspire me by their innovative approaches to music production. Their utilization of various elements, unconventional time signatures, unique chord progressions, and surprising modulations never cease to amaze me.

Im planning to explore different styles and incorporate elements from various genres into my future projects."

5. Let's have some fun! If you had the chance to collaborate with any musician, dead or alive, who would it be and why? And what kind of music do you envision creating together?

"That's a hard question because there are so many artists out there who are very talented and make me very interested in every aspect of every music they release but I will write it down!

Automhate, DVEIGHT, SONATA, Agony, DKKAY, JoeB, NRVE, and KEMARE cause their music ripped my soul :)

Dont ask me what music I want to create together cause you already know the answer!"

JyoHx - Space Escort, out on Friday!

Here's your exclusive full listen into the single, before it drops on all platforms on the 16th of June!

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