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🩸 Flesh Ripping Q&A, With Irony 🩸

As for debut EPs, it doesn't get much better than this 4-track, long-term project by Italian music producer, Irony. We've witnessed some smaller artists come through the ranks on Full Flex Audio, deliver a project that they have worked tirelessly on, and this is no different; 'The Flesh Wastelands' is a devilish release, featuring lore and an idea/story, that helps the release along the way. We've got some important questions here to ask Irony, and also this Q&A includes an exclusive preview into two tracks featuring on this fantastic EP release.


1. Hello Irony! How did you first become interested in electronic music production, and what motivated you to delve into sound design?

"Back in the day, I used to listen to a lot of electro and EDM, and one day I came across some dubstep tracks thanks to a friend of mine. I started developing a great passion for it, especially after discovering legends such as Teminite, Psognar and ColBreakz, and at first those artists led me to try making music myself. It was love at first sight: I started watching hundreds of tutorials to portray what I wanted to turn into a reality. I always wanted to make something outstanding in terms of sound design, not just "cool", but immersive. What helps me the most is the idea behind it: sounds should represent a concept, and it shouldn't be enjoyed just on its own."

2. As a rising star in the electronic music scene, what do you find most challenging and rewarding about carving your niche in the industry?

"What I mostly focus on with my projects is to communicate my interpretation of reality through pieces of music that stand out, both in terms of composition and sounds. The goal is to surprise the listener through artifacts such as climaxes and rapid transitions, recreating the concept behind each track.

To me, the most rewarding aspect of my career is to meet people who understand my vision and comprehend the theme recreated in the track. It happened mostly with composers (not necessarily bass music artists), but also with random friends of mine.

This pushes me forward and helps me studying the reaction of the listener to different artifacts."

Track 1: 'The Tale Of A Cruel World'...

3. Reflecting on your journey so far, what do you believe has been a defining moment or project that helped propel your music career forward?

"2022 as a whole has certainly been an important year for me. At the beginning of it, I had no idea or direction to take for my career. I still had no idea for my branding, no personal style, and frequent writer blocks. It took the right turn as I decided to start a mentoring path with Tryple: he helped me to choose what I wanted to do with my career and expanded my vision, my sound design and songwriting abilities.

In that period, I gave birth to the Chasm and the concept for this EP, and I am so proud of how it came out as it really represents a side of me. "The Flesh Wastelands" is the perfect project to start my journey as a sound designer and story-writer."

4. For the listeners that are about to discover ‘The Flesh Wastelands’ for the first time, how would you describe your EP release to them? What should they expect from each track?

"The idea for "The Flesh Wastelands" is exactly 1 year old. The first biome of The Chasm, as the title says, is made of flesh and organic elements that instantly suggest the listener about the kind of landscapes they can find in this dimension.

"The Tale Of A Cruel World" immediately surrounds the listener with the theme of the EP, with a sad/mysterious progression, many textures, choirs and atmospheres.

"Distress Of Imagination" shows the astonishment of the traveler entering the place for the first time and observing this grisly, but stunning panoramic view.

"Edge" (with VYON) represents the menacing aspect of the place, the disgusting elements it is made of and the creepy sounds that accompany the traveler.

"Flesh" shows the tendency of the biome to eat everything it touches. The sound design is made specifically to resemble the sounds of this process. The disgusting, horrific scenario reaches its apex at the end of the track, with a metal switch representing this scary landscape."

Track 2: 'Distress Of Imagination'...

5. Could you elaborate on your favorite piece of equipment or software that has been a game-changer in your music production journey?

"I could talk for hours about game-changing devices, but the most revolutionary one for me is MMorph by Meldaproduction.

It is a VST plugin that I discovered from BVSSIC, and it works by combining two signal inputs (we're calling them A and B, for the sake of convenience).

MMorph, using a really high-quality algorythm, takes the spectral information from the A signal and modulates it using the B spectre. In short, it creates a new sound mixing two sources. It can be helpful to create weird synths, growls, textures, and also to process foleys and ambience sounds. There's no limit other than your imagination.

It's also really easy to use: it uses just a few knobs, its interface is intuitive and every producer with minimum knowledge can use it to create innovative sounds."


'The Flesh Wastelands' drops on all platforms, on October 12th. Pre-Save below and get ready for this release to drop!

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