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We have brought INVENTA back for another Q&A, this time all about their upcoming EP release, 'THE SCROLLS OF MIROPTINE'. Also below, you can check out a very early exclusive preview of the EP, only available right here on the FFA website!


1. Welcome back to Full Flex Audio, INVENTA! What’s been happening since your last release on FFA, ‘Delphinium’?

A: In terms of music, a lot of things I, unfortunately, can’t disclose here frankly. Life’s been running relatively smoothly and the music that’s soon to come has only gotten more and more exciting as it gets closer!

2. With the release of ‘The Scrolls of Miroptine’, what can the listeners expect from this EP?

A: This release is packed with loads of experimentation, detailed atmospheres, and a deep story that’ll unfold right before your eyes (or, your ears, I suppose). I tried my best to make sure every aspect of this release was as detailed as it could be.

3. What are the main inspirations behind your EP?

A: This EP’s got a wide array of inspirations. I drew a lot of inspiration from artists like PLEEG, kuatari, Harvester, Sleepnet, Cadofox, Au5, and Skybreak.

4. Which of the 4 featuring tracks took the longest time to make, and the shortest amount of time to make?

A: I HAD to have put the most hours into GAZE. I only had the first drop down for several weeks before I eventually came around to the intro. The one that took the shortest time to make was the outro, AS IT ALL COMES TOGETHER. The idea had come to me out of nowhere and I knew exactly what I was going to do with the song as soon as I started it.

5. Out of the various techniques and plugins at artists’ disposals nowadays, which did you use the most throughout this EP release?

A: There are two things I did a LOT on this EP. I wrote all of the parts in the drop to compliment each other sonically and rhythmically, hence the unique drum choices. Everything was very intentionally placed in a way that makes it all feel like one big sound with a lot of moving parts instead of a bunch of sounds all doing the same thing. In terms of the sound design, I used a combination of Ableton’s vocoder set to modulation with a super small release and a super high depth paired with a “phat rack” to make sounds feel “gooey” or “squishy.”

6. What are your long term and short term goals for you as an artist, for 2022?

A: Short term I honestly just hope my upcoming releases can help get this artist project in front of more people. Long term I want the story of INVENTA and the approach to music I take to inspire other artists to write some unique and innovative music.

7. Describe your EP release in just 3 words!



Now, it is time to check out the very early exclusive preview into INVENTA's upcoming EP, dropping April 6th! Thank you to INVENTA for answering our questions on this very varied EP release. The idea behind this bundle of tracks is to listen to the full project from track 1 to 4, to get a grasp of the story-telling and phenomenal atmospheric values that each track possesses. We cannot wait to share the full release with you all, very soon!

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