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Introducing... 'Umbra Divisa'

Full Flex Audio and SILKENWOOD

proudly presents...'Umbra Divisa'.

What is Umbra Divisa? Umbra Divisa is a 15-track compilation release, hand selected by both Full Flex Audio and SILKENWOOD label members. Mixed genres, BPMs and more are home to this stacked release, featuring many different artists that have released on the respective labels (along with some new faces too). Umbra Divisa will drop on all stores, August 29th, with the teaser trailer releasing on this coming Monday!

As an FFA website exclusive, take a sneak peek into the full track-list right here, before tomorrow's full reveal!

  1. euphorian - QOQ

  2. PLEEG - Forever

  3. KEMARE - Apathy

  4. kuatari - Bone Dice

  5. (un)familiar - Light Humor

  6. SEDAMI - Entry Point

  7. splitter - incarcerate (i can’t let go)

  8. wolfmagic - STYLE POINTS

  9. DeathFlore - Night Call



  12. Primal Rights - INFERNO

  13. Acyan - INSOMNIA

  14. GRYNIX - Anguish

  15. Shrike! - After the Inevitable

Pre-Save 'Umbra Divisa' right here, in time for the August 29th release date:

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