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'Inner EP' Q&A w/ Damnasie!

'Inner EP' drops next week, and in preparation for Damnasie' debut EP release, we asked him some questions about his upcoming release, what to expect from the remaining tracks, his inspirations for music and some producer tips too!


1. Welcome back to Full Flex Audio, Damnasie! Are you looking forward to the release of your EP, ‘Inner’?

"Yes I am very looking forward to the release, it was a long and awesome process to make this EP."

2. Is there a meaning behind ‘Inner EP’?

"The inner self : for me It’s about my way and philosophy of making music that changed to make this EP. It can be up to any kind of interpretation though once it resonates with someone."

3. Which track from the EP took the longest/was the hardest to make?

"The longest track was For those who don’t listen, took me nearly 25 hours I believe. The hardest to make was probably Inner, the mix was really hard to get it my taste."

4. Which track resonates most with you from the EP release?

"All of them have ways of resonating with me. The concept that I’ve tried to apply in this EP was : Every detail matters, every thing in every track is thought out and made to be my taste the best way I could do whilst making it, so when I listen back to it, there is not a single thing I want to change about the track. I feel like applying this way of doing music makes me resonate more with it and can make people resonate more with the music that I’m making."

5. What are the key influences/artists/styles for you that help to build this EP release?

"My key influences were really wide, but primarily Drum and Bass with artists such as The Caracal Project, Imanu and Tom Finster, then dubstep with Leotrix, Oolacile and JoeB, and then Rap with Laylow (French Artist), the Drain Gang, Trippie Redd (Miss the rage). After that obviously I had a lot of influence from a lot of artists from any genre such as Skrillex, Dizzy Gillespie, Oklou, Gyrofield, Atsuda, Aphex Twin, Joe Ford, Yussef Dayes, Chet Baker, Ivy Lab, Henri Salvador, etc..

I know it’s a long list but I feel like its important to point out influences, my music would not sound the way it is on itself, I am influenced by everything around me, and I believe it's the same for everyone: you are always making music with someone/something that you don’t know/know consciously or unconsciously. I consider listening to music as important as making it."

6. If you had to pick a favourite from this EP release, which track would it be and why?

"I don’t have a specific favourite track, I like to re-listen to all of them equally.

7. From this EP release, what are your most used plugins or methods of practice that you put into your work?

"I’m pretty sure that the technique in sound design that I used the most was Harmor phaser + prism + distortion into Vocodex and Ott (sometimes convolution), as well as fruity granulizer into the same post process. I’ve tried to make every drums my own. I also did some Field Recording.

In terms of composition, I’ve tried to take my time, what I mean by that is I took pauses between production sessions, I workout/walk a lot almost everyday so I have sort of a 4 hour break where I think a lot about the EP while listening to music and do other stuff, sometimes not thinking about it gives me ideas as well. I think one of the most important things about creating music is not being afraid of letting yourself do other stuff; it might “create” music for you way more than being stuck in front of your computer. Especially with the myth that you have to be putting the most hours you can possibly fit in a day into production in order to be doing “good” music. Music and enjoyment of music doesn’t calculate hours you put into it. You might take more pleasure writing music once you let yourself be influenced by everything, and figure out what/how you like writing it and not just the final result. Not feeling guilty about not making music is important, there is no rush in art : let it take time.""

'Inner EP' drops on August 3rd, pre-save here:

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