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Writing a demo email can be tough, that's why I'm here to help you!

In this article you'll find some tips & tricks, instructions and my demo email template! 1. Keep it short & to the point.

Keep your email short and crystal clear, there's no need to throw in your whole biography into it.

Get straight to the point with your intentions and with what you're offering.

The sweet spot is to be clear and detailed, while having your email take anything between 30 seconds to 1 minute to read. 2. Grammar & Spelling.

Try to avoid using shortcuts/terms for words. It can come off lazy and off-putting, creating a feeling that if you're not willing to put enough effort into the email, why would your craft be any better? Double check spelling with your mom/friend/cat/... 3. Give, not take.

The goal is to state what would you bring to the label. Emphasize instead of making demands.

You're about to form a relationship with a label, a professional one! So give them a reason, the benefit you would bring to the label. It’ll improve the chances of your demo being accepted. Speak out your strengths but don’t get too arrogant! 4. Naming files...

If your song is named ‘uwuriddimv69’, then I can guarantee you that most of the people won't be taking it seriously.

Improperly-named files are a nightmare to deal with.

Put your artist name on every file together with the song name... DO IT! 5. Follow the instructions.

Every label has their preferred submission method. Make sure to do your research and FOLLOW IT.

Not sticking to it can have varied results but most of the time the label is going to ignore your submission and it'll be your own fault. 6. Don't be pushy.

Some labels are more busy than the others and get insane amount of demos. Not everyone is doing this full time.

Some labels take 24h to reply, some 48h, some a week and some two weeks...

Give it at least 7 days and after that send a follow up email (more about that below) to check what's up. Labels are getting tons of demo's and there's always a chance that your email got lost in the crowd... So it's always safe to double check with them after some time has passed by! I'd say sending one follow up after 7 days and second one after 7 to 12-14 days. Optional tip!

7. Submit a body of work

Having multiple demos may increase your chance of getting signed. I say "may" because it’s not guaranteed, but it's worth a shot. 8. Don't send clips. Labels want to hear full song from start to finish, something that is (close to) be released. Below you'll find my demo template that I've used many times before. Feel free to adjust it to your liking and share it around!

Download PDF • 74KB

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