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Going In-depth, With 'No Love EP'...

With 'No Love EP' by K3MARE dropping in just 2 days time, we found the time to ask this upcoming artist to describe each track that is on the EP, featuring the main motifs behind the 4 tracks, ideas that sprung to mind and much more! Get some exclusive early access clips right here, before the release date.


Track 1: 'No Love'

"I started 'No Love' around November 2020. It also was the first track that created the concept for the whole EP. I started it with the guitar motif that plays throughout the whole track, which one of my friends recorded for me.

I wanted to create a very dramatic feeling in the intro, that's why I went for a more cinematic build up as well. The drop is pretty simple, It's made up of several leads layered together with a bassline that follows the melody. The main lead plays actually 1 semitone lower than all the other leads, to keep up the dramatic feeling from the intro. My favourite part from the song is probably the second drop, I really like the switch to the new melody."

Track 2: 'Afterhours' (w/ SEDAMI)

"Afterhours was actually made in 24 hours. Me and SEDAMI wanted to collab for the sixth edition of 'forms all-nighter' event back in February 2021, but it did'nt end up getting chosen for the official release, so we decided to put it on my EP. We refined the mixdown afterwards, but the song itself was pretty much done. We had a lot of fun with this one, and my personal favourite part is the last drop. It combines my melodic, plucky sound design with SEDAMIS massive basses."

Track 3: 'new_era'

" 'new_era' is probably the most experimental track on my EP. I wanted to have a very syncopated flow in my drop. That's why I really like the start of the first drop, it really makes the flow of the track shine.

The whole song changes time signature multiple times throughout, but the second drop is just in 4/4 to have a more steady flow. I also really like the outro, the softer drums with the arp, which is basically the motif of the track, and also the foley create a really nice vibe."

Track 4: 'Running Out of Time'

"Running out of time is my favourite track of the EP. It starts with this lovely intro that I made, which consists of multiple piano harmonies as well as a rainy soundscape.

The drop concept was basically to make use of silence as effectively as possible. I made some melodic stabs for that, as well as basses that have a lot of influence from the colour bass genre. My favourite part of the song is probably the break. I switched the time signature up, but still used aspects from the drop to keep everything cohesive. Overall, the track means a lot to me, and I think its in a very good spot as the last track of my EP."

'No Love EP' drops on all stores on Tuesday, we can't wait for you all to hear the full EP in all its glory!

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