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Get to Know the Remixes!

The Remix EP for 'Chroma Control' and 'Cipher' is nearly here! We asked all 4 remixing artists what got them inspired into making their remix, and how they crafted their remix.


CVCVT, on his 'Chroma Control' remix...

"I went into this remix with no idea how to actually go about it. I then got to the intro stems, and I thought this whole thing could be super cinematic. I knew I didn’t want the same aggressive approach as the original track, so I got to work, but nothing seemed to stick. It wasn’t until at least 2 months after that I rediscovered this remix, and just went at it again. The whole drop just became this really happy, yet saddening, music box theme. The second drop is a nice surprise, keeping the same theme as the first. I really enjoyed making this and put a lot of emotion into it. I’ve gone through hardships galore, and I’m glad I’ve been able to express it all into my music. When the Remix EP drops, thank you for taking the time to listen, I really appreciate it. I hope you all enjoy!"

VYDE on his 'Cipher' remix...

"Cadofox’s music has always stood out to me as a cohesive and near-immaculate display of musical conception and technical flair. With this remix, I am standing on the shoulders of a giant.

I decided to reinvent every part of the original through radically changing the genre, to rely heavily on my own creativity while providing a fresh experience for keen Cipher enjoyers. I was then inspired by some breakbeat tunes by Nitepunk and others, so I explored elements of that paradigm in this project, figuring that the vocal lead and the rhythmic, clean sound design would lend itself to it. The intro vocals were the memorable motif I used extensively, and for the drop pattern I employed one of my favourite remixing techniques - putting the bass stem into a sampler that assigns each distinct sound to a MIDI note to organically design new sound layouts.

A masterclass of a tune, ‘Cipher’ has proven to be nothing short of a unique and inspiring platform for bearing new ideas, which I appreciate more than ever as I follow in its wake. Stay tuned, and in the meantime, prepare yourself for this high-octane, multi-faceted journey."

Last Disease on his 'Chroma Control' remix...

So, I started remixing this track quite a while ago, during a relatively bad creative block, and it didn't go so well. I made one version, scrapped it, then tried another version and the exact same thing happened. After a few months, I decided to give it another shot, and this time, I just decided to go as off-the-wall as I can with sound design and experimentation. I processed the life out of the basses and saw a lot of potential this time around, Unlike the previous two versions, this was made during a period where I started getting my creativity back. I played around with off-drop ideas until I came up with the piano intro, which ended up creating a very cool, stark contrast between the drops and the off-drop. From there, it was just adding variation and mixing until I ended up being happy with it. I remember uploading the clip thinking it'll get some attention and I didn't think much else of it. Safe to say I was over the moon when I was informed that it had won!

Fencer on his 'Cipher' remix...

"My Cipher remix is a fun and fast-paced hyper-bounce tune with some jazz elements. I took the original themes in the song and expanded them melodically, which I think makes my remix have a familiar feel to the original song while also sounding very different at the same time. I also used this remix as a chance to do some saxophone solos, to further develop the jazzy feel and also keep the song interesting as it goes on."

Experience all 4 remixes in full, on Monday!


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