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Flex Selex Update (Cadilius Takeover)

Introducing a new type of blog post in the Flex Zone, which is the release-by-release Flex Selex artist takeovers, joined by short descriptions of some of the highlight tracks picked out by the artist. Find out more below what Cadilius makes of certain tracks from his 20-track update below:


Firstly, check out the full update from Cadilius, featuring 'Mars' as the top track!

'Goinghome.' is taken from xander's first album which is one of my favourite albums. The sound that they had back then was so unique with interesting production but simple sound design. Unfortunately Xander has moved away from the sound of this album to go for a more commercial lo-fi sound.

Ignition, Sweet Soul, Chimera, and No Place Like Home are all songs that were from the Night Owl Collective. The collective has always inspired me ever since I started producing. I think it's interesting how all of the songs from the collective are very different but still feel like they are from the same realm of music.

Blue World by Mac Miller Is one of my all-time favourites. The production is insane and Mac's vocal performance is perfect. It's a song that my friends also like which adds a special connection to it I suppose.

I included 2 songs by Jkuch just because he's always been a huge inspiration. The catchy melodies, inane sound design, and overall attention to detail is something that I hope to pull off to the same capacity he can someday.

And there you have it, some insight into the tracks that Cadilius has picked for the latest update on the Flex Selex playlist. If you haven't yet already, make sure you dive into 'Mars' by Cadilius!

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