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Flex Selex (Kyroshie Takeover)

With the release of 'Antenna' by Kyroshie, we invited him to pick the latest tracks to feature on our Spotify Flex Selex playlist! Featuring 20 tracks from a wide range of styles, EDM and even popular worldwide music, the Flex Selex playlist has been created to showcase a specific artists' tastes in music. Let's delve deeper into the top 5 highlight tracks from Kyroshie, and what they mean to him...


1. RETVRN - Odd Future

'Odd Future' is one of the greatest dubstep/riddim tracks I've listened to. Originality paired with outstanding production quality makes it so damn good. I love how emotional the textures of the sounds are, especially on the main melody, The main pluck bass feels incredibly physical making me feel it all over my body when I listen to this track loudly.

The arrangement of the drops are very satisfying, with the flow making me almost suffocate on the first listen. I couldn't help but mention the mood of this track also; IT IS SO DAMN DENSE AND DARK AAAAAAAAA. Pure class.

2. Drabby - Strange Tension

Strange Tension is a track that continues to overwhelm me with its class since its very release, a whole 721 days ago. Through its details and consistency in building space, the track is incredibly vivid and evokes great emotion in me. Disturbing and yet sonically beautiful sounds make me never get tired of it. I will state that the build-up section in this track is the most powerful and tension-building build-up I've heard, despite its minimalism. The drums are incredibly satisfying and moving to dance, deep and sharp, the fill at 1:57 is the best example of this, I can't get enough of it. Every sound and every section in this track is worthy of a separate and extensive discussion, but we don't have an infinity of time so I'll close my statement by expressing how incredibly impressed I was with the last section in the track, starting at 2:25, I wish I had a huge enough vocabulary to describe how I feel about it, but it always leaves me speechless... truly invincible tune!


Forever - stimulation in its purest form, right off the bat. The maniacally cut and gated chorus in the intro is just the tip of the iceberg of the ADHD vibes that this track gives. It flows flawlessly to the build-up section which is full of energy and gives just enough time to get ready for the drop, and then it drops. Fresh Pipes, fresher pipes, and even more pipes. The whole track keeps its energy levels at maximum all the time and somehow, it's still not too tiring for me. The perfect balance of harmonic and anharmonic resonances is my favourite part about forever.


Exxidae - this track scares me ever since I first heard it, the amount of emotion contained in it is unbelievable to me, I can't listen to this track without tears coming to my eyes, (yes, in making this playlist I cried too). There's something about Killstation's voice that has always made me very emotional, and I also love his brutal and bold production.

This track inspired me to drive my style, and paradoxically to transition from making beats to creating full-fledged bass music. I discovered his music 5 years ago, and since then I still haven't managed to get used to the extreme feelings in his sound.

Many of his songs helped me not to go crazy in the most difficult moments of my life.

5. BAW - Magic Game

Magic Game - Every time I listen to BAW's magic game, I feel it so much. I have this image in my head of me standing on an edge of a cliff/empty field during heavy rain super lonely, everything is black and white and dark, and I'm just busy with all the feelings and thoughts standing there in the rain, great track and I also love the vibes that the original law's cover art is giving me.


And there we have it, Kyroshie has went through his top 5 highlight tracks featuring in his Flex Selex takeover! Make sure to check out all 22 tracks in the below playlist, stacked from head to toe with a diverse selection of music <3

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