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Flex Selex - AKRASIA Takeover!

The latest Flex Selex update is here, featuring 20 hand-picked tracks from the 'CRYPTID EP' creator, AKRASIA.

Here's what AKRASIA had to say about his picks for this playlist, and what these tracks mean to him in his musical journey:

"This playlist is made up of some of my biggest inspirations and friends in the music scene. The playlist can pretty much be divided into two sections: dubstep and hip hop, which are the two genres that I listen to the most. All of the dubstep tracks you’ll find are really heavy and dark. My highlights from those tracks are probably 'Putrid' by Supercool! and 'Infra Salutis' by Redacted. I also added Dissent’s remix of '314' to the playlist even though it doesn’t really fit the theme of dark and heavy. Dissent just has some amazing music in the vault, and he deserves more recognition. As for the hip hop section, all of the songs I added create a dark or sad atmosphere. I added songs from my favourite artists in that genre such as antikvng, Freddie Dredd, Ghostemane, XXXTENTACION, DREVM, and bsterthegawd.

I hope you enjoy these tunes, as they pretty much make up my music taste!"

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