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'Datastream' Q&A!

We have put some questions to both IT LIVES and DAUA, ahead of their single release and the first song of 2024 on FFA, called 'Datastream'. As we gear up for what will be another busy year packed with releases a-plenty, the time is now to begin with the first of the year!



1. Can you share the story behind the collaboration and how yourself and DAUA came together for this single?

"There was not much to it. I listened to a bunch of songs that have been recommended to me by a friend and DAUA made one of them, maybe AGONY or BURN. We met somewhere (probably some discord server, I don’t really remember) and decided to make a tune; here we are about a year later 🙂"

2. Your music often explores the heavier realms of EDM and dubstep specifically. How did that influence the creative process for this collaboration?

"Since we both produce a rather heavy style of dubstep it was pretty obvious to go in that direction, however as with every collab we tried to mix both styles as much as possible instead of having two sections for each artist respectively “stitched together”. I just think it is more fun to work this way."

3. What was the most memorable or surprising moment during the creational phases of ‘Datastream’?

"During the process we had to come up with some sample replacements due to unforeseen circumstances; and it was pretty hard to get the old work in progress` sound out of my head. When I finally broke through and made the replaced samples I was surprised at how much it fit better than the old samples."

4. If you could describe the upcoming single in two words, what would they be and why?

"Heavy, atmospheric. Both of these adjectives are represented in this song; and it is the mix/contrast that makes it interesting."

5. How do you envision this collaboration impacting your individual musical journeys, and what do you hope listeners take away from the experience?

"It already had a lot of impact on my personal musical journey through play-outs by my friends and me. Lots of them have been asking me for a release of this song for a long time so I'm looking forward to hearing and seeing their reaction. I had a lot of fun working on this tune and watching it become what it is today. As for the listeners: I hope they enjoy it and maybe have some memorable moments they can recognize the song from when randomly hearing it somewhere!"



1. How did your style blend with IT LIVES' sound in the collaborative process?

"The first drop was parts of my sound design and IT LIVES' sound design, with the first half being the original idea that I had started with some of IT LIVES' creative glitch fills + other sound design, and the other half entirely being IT LIVES' part (which I loved and kept without changing it). The second drop was the same, but instead in the first half, I created the idea and IT LIVES extended it & combined his sound design with mine which created a drop where you can hear parts of both me and IT LIVES' sound design. The second part was also another idea of mine which was then improved by IT LIVES' mixing later."

2. What aspects of IT LIVES' music inspired or challenged you during the creation of ‘Datastream’?

"I loved IT LIVES' Tearout tracks personally which inspired the creation of the gun bass shots. One in particular was "Bootloader", the sound design in this song was unique for me in terms of the basses. His music overall inspired most of my sound design in the second drop."

3. Can you elaborate on the elements or emotions you aimed to convey through this collaboration, considering the unique blend of your musical styles?

"My style falls mostly in the genre of Tearout; with it being a bit more aggressive in terms of both mixing and sound design. I have attempted to adapt to a cleaner style by creating an idea (first drop) that was not too dirty and distorted and a little more on how I experiment with sound design, but also attempting to create that energetic and stompy Tearout style. I also then created another idea (second drop) where IT LIVES can experiment with my more aggressive style of Tearout, with more distorted sound design."

4. If you had to pick a defining moment or element in the upcoming single, what would it be, and why does it stand out to you?

"The first drop. I also loved the second drop but the first drop is my personal favorite. The sound design on my part was completely new and unique (of me) and seeing that it works perfectly makes me really happy. Originally, the sound design for the one shots were lasers, which then completely changed with a short reverb and use of frequency shifting to create a new tone. Hearing a sort of tonal sound from an atonal sound was really cool for me."

5. How do you think this collaboration with IT LIVES has pushed the boundaries of your own music, and what do you hope fans will feel when they listen to the single?

"The sound design is well done and the mixing was improved compared to my own music. It is new for me. You can almost hear how unique it is compared to my other songs. This was one of my highly anticipated tunes from me (& IT LIVES) so I hope to see fans be happy for its release and feel energetic listening to the single, especially in the second drop where it's more fast paced."


The release of Datastream comes out tomorrow, get ready for a roller-coaster of a ride, courtesy of IT LIVES and DAUA!

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