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axis twelve Q&A!

axis twelve brings some sweet flavour to the ranks of Sui Generis: Volume 6, dropping 'aperture' as part of the 34-track line-up. We asked some of our best questions to axis twelve, to see what she had to say about her upcoming track, and what to expect from this daringly beautiful track.


- How does this track represent the compilation series?

"The compilation series is very versatile and I believe my track can be seen a microcosm of the entire compilation, as it contains a lot of versatility within itself, and each section represents a set of ideas that I've explored from a variety of genres like funk, drum and bass, and so on."

- What are some aspects of this track that make it unique and versatile?

"It's a take on idm/drum and bass sculpted by my own personal experiences with music, composing and life experience. everyone has their own unique experience with music and playing with tracker programs as a kid was my personal introduction to music, and it has led me to become adept at musical composition which remains the strongest part of my music making ability even now."

- What are some examples of awe-inspiring sound in this track?

"The song was created because of the crystal-like, glassy timbres and textures that I've had an immense amount of fun sculpting, and is beginning to shape my sound. My recent tracks before this compilation have utilised these sort of textures and I wish to explore said textures a lot further. creating unique and ethereal soundscapes is something I have become infatuated with in the recent months."

- How does this track challenge or expand the boundaries of electronic dance music?

"I don't believe that this track does that at all, I draw from a lot of influences in idm, drum and bass and so on which is all familiar territory to me and is also something I believe many other people have been vastly more successful at when it comes to boundary pushing. I am more concerned with pushing my own personal boundaries with music and what I allow myself to create something that resonates with a lot of people emotionally, as it does for myself.”

- What are some emotions or reactions that this track evokes in the listeners?

"The main purpose of my songs is to act as my personal auditory diary. making the audience feel something similar is therefore part of this objective, and here I want them to feel as though they are going through a unique adventure from start to finish, on the edge of their seats as they eagerly anticipate what comes next and to appreciate and resonate with the ethereal nature that the song has."

'aperture' along with the rest of SGV6 drops on Monday, and we cannot wait for you all to hear all the tracks involved!

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