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Artists To Watch Out For (2020 - Part 2!)

Following on from part 1 of our artists to watch in 2020, part 2 will note some names you should keep a close eye on, throughout this year on FFA and also other label releases!


Devastating impact is the name of the game for upcoming star in the scene DVEIGHT! With several tracks already released under his belt, plus a 2020 mini showcase, DVEIGHT has a lot to offer this year, especially with an upcoming EP release on FFA very soon!

Take a look at his showcase below and try to tell us that these ain't good, cos they are brilliant!


From the darker side of the dubstep scene, comes Sovereign, who is ready to take names left, right and centre! Possessing an unbelievable sound design array and skill, we can't wait to see what is in store for Sovereign throughout '20 and beyond, another artist that will soon be releasing on FFA with an EP! His last release on Full Flex Audio was through the brand new compilation series 'Lurid Tales', and the track 'Bellum' shows off his talent and skill in abundance!

Digital Reject

An artist that has been on our radar since 'Trinity: Episode 1', Digital Reject has a wide array of skill sets, when it comes to straight dubstep, but also experimental and trap vibes. 'Fax Machine' (released as part of the Trinity series) is a brilliant showcase of style, ability and arrangement, whilst maintaining that clean mix down quality throughout the piece. We can assure you that Digital Reject will make his return to FFA someday very soon, in the meantime keep an eye on him through the socials and wait for some more bangers to drop!


Having previously released on Full Flex Audio with his smash hit EP 'Volt', Coly is an underground artist that should be on everyone's radars. Just sitting at over 1k followers, He's already shown great progress in making it to the top of the dubstep scene and EDM in general. Reach is no issue for Coly either; 'Psycho' with DVRE (another artist that is criminally underrated) garnered more than 25,000 plays on Soundcloud - the most a track has received as a release on FFA! We'll leave the highlight track from Volt EP below for you, just to show how much skill this young artist has got!

The Navigator

As a new artist to send in a demo submission to Full Flex Audio, it's always a joy when that demo is something of great individual skill and class. The Navigator is one of those cases, where he holds halftime vibes in abundance, along with many sounds we have never heard before. Astonishingly, this artist has less than 100 followers on Soundcloud, which makes us think that there are MANY other artists out there that have similar skill sets, just waiting to be found. Check out his latest upload 'detach', you won't be disappointed with this one!

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