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Artists To Look Out For (2020)

Every year, new artists rise to the occasion and start releasing heat like no one else before. 2020 is no different! Here is our list of artists to look out for in 2020:


Having already released on Underground Unit: Sector 3, Phonon is one of those artists that has a unique set of skills and sound design, to really turn heads on every track. We expect big things from this young artist in 2020, especially with already releasing on ‘Savage Selects Volume 4’, that is a big statement in itself!


Slowly becoming a Full Flex Audio regular, Nosphere is hungry for more and continues to show that mentality across many different releases in 2020. His first release of the new decade was a feature on the brand-new free download series on FFA, ‘Trinity’, w/ MSF. ‘Destiny’ holds a powerhouse vibe to it with stomping drums and many different variations throughout! Just like Phonon, he also feature on Savage Selects Volume 4!


One artist that has recently appeared on our radar, MIDN!GHT is capable of delivering many great styles on an array of genres, from the typical dubstep 140bpm, to 175bpm and beyond. Clean mix downs, clean mastering and above all else, sound design that is worth taking in! Expect a couple of singles from MIDN!GHT on FFA, as well as an EP release further into the new year.


Hailing from Russia, Destrogj is mostly known for his deathstep characteristics in tracks; hydraulic basslines, pulsating drums and atmospheres to soak up. With just less than 500 followers on Soundcloud, we expect Destrogj to take the scene by storm this year, with a forthcoming EP on Full Flex Audio to add to the mayhem!

Check out his latest release on Blacklight Audio below.


Would you believe us if we said that this artist has less than 200 followers on Soundcloud? Welon goes to show that numbers don’t matter, it’s all about the skill set and how you can promote your sound in the best possible way. An EP on FFA is underway with the Czech artist, and we are hoping to bring that to you in the very near future! He recently launched a 2020 showcase, which you can listen to below and see for yourself, the potential this artist really has.

Which artist(s) do you have on your radar? Let us know below!

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