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Artist of the Month (September 2022)

This month we have 2 artists on the AOTM spotlight, those being unisixn and Midlex.

Unisixn released his latest EP titled as 'Delirium' on Savage Society Records, on September 26th. It was a late entry into the Ones 2 Watch playlist add, but it was one well worth that wait!

From the 4-track EP, one of the most notable tracks in our opinion was 'Astrodub', a collaboration with Midlex. This track screams has a superb unique presentation about it, with 2 very contrasting main sections that makes the track even better overtime.

Unisixn has already released on Full Flex Audio before, and maybe we will see Midlex join the FFA ranks in the very near future...

But for now, go and stream this awesome track by unisixn and Midlex, and grab a full stream of the whole EP on any platform of your choice!

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