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Artist & Food Q&A w/ Kitamayoru! 🍔

'Hamburger!' by Kitamayoru drops on Friday, and we have put 10 questions towards him, based around ideas behind the track, inspirations and more, plus 5 food related questions too!


1. Welcome to Full Flex Audio, Kitamayoru! Are you ready for ‘Hamburger!’ to drop tomorrow?

"Hey!! I'm super stoked for it!"

2. For those that don't know your name as an alias, is there a meaning behind it?

"There isn't a real meaning behind it except that 'Yoru' means night in Japanese. When I wanted to choose an alias I asked my friends Rytsu and TekTox who suggested kita and yoru so I mixed both of those words together!"

3. What are the main inspirations behind your single, ‘Hamburger!’?

"I think the main inspirations behind hamburger are mostly from Japanese cities and night landscapes, either that or touge races or kanjo loop runs. I also was super inspired by old sort of Eurodance songs from the 2000s and Virtual Self's amazing music. I named it Hamburger because I love hamburgers and since the song sounded a bit funny to me I decided to randomly call it hamburger."

4. What are your short term and long term goals for your music project?

"My main goal is to make music all day without worrying about anything. I want to make more music and develop more of my creativity. I also really want to share my passion about music with people and meet new friends! I want to develop my own style and aesthetic too, as a long term goal."

5. What techniques/plugins did you use to create your own sound, that we can hear in ‘Hamburger!’?

"I mostly create my sound design using resampling/stretching/Ableton warp modes, wideness/frequency shifting and distortion as well as filters (I also love to crush sound with lots of OTT). I mostly use snare samples or sound effects as a base for making my sounds. I also love to use different methods to make some elements sound kinda "lofi" like rendering the synth group on 1 track and stretching it, or duplicating some small parts of it to make it glitchy. I also love layering different sounds and mixing them with the synths . I think it sounds good and sets up some sort of aesthetic that I really like."


6. What is the most famous food dish from your country?

"I think the most famous dish is either Bœuf Bourguignon or Cassoulet which is super good and it is also a dish from where I live!"

7. What is your favourite fast food restaurant?

"My favourite fast food restaurant is Burger King!"

8. What’s your favourite kind of meat?

"My favourite kind of meat is beef steak, but I also love pork sausages."

9. What’s your favourite drink to accompany a fast food meal?

"Most of the time its either Sprite or 7Up, but when I can buy Mountain Dew or Ramune I will, which is basically lemonade but it tastes a bit different and I love it!"

10. And finally, the most important question out of them all, do you actually like hamburgers?

"Hell yeah! It's my top 1 victory royale favourite food along with soba and sushi. I absolutely love hamburgers and if it was healthy I would eat one for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I could!


There you have it folks, Kitamayoru is ready for tomorrow's launching of 'Hamburger!', out on all stores and streaming platforms very soon. We cannot wait to share this track with the FFA listeners, as this one packs a punch from the very first second!

Pre-save below in time for tomorrow's release date and leave a comment below what your favourite meal is from a fast food restaurant!

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