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Acyan Q&A! 🙃

As we build up to the release of 'I'M SO HAPPY' by Acyan, we wanted to put Acyan through some basic questions to do with his EP release coming up soon!


1. What's the meaning behind the title of your EP and the songs selected?

"The EP title, I'M SO HAPPY, actually describes a forced perspective of happiness I have on life. The EP is a reflection of the things that are making me unhappy.

BLOODMOON is about all the things that are out of my control. The song came from a synth that I barely had an idea of how I made and trying to keep it in control for the song's strong presentation of it.

IT'S FORGETTABLE is a denial of how my songs can be "too much" and aren't memorable. This is one of the simplest ideas I've had for a song. The title being the opposite of the actual content of the song calls back to the EP being about how 'I'm so happy' even though my content would prove I'm not.

TOUCHSTARVED is a reflection of the growth I've had from being an insanely sex-driven person in my teen years where I was constantly feeling touchstarved, despite not genuinely being.

GOODBYE is me touching on how sometimes I feel I can't communicate my feelings with the sound of my music. The robotic 'goodbye' is the formula of modern EDM taking over, and the song is kind of meant to reflect Leotrix's Emoboy303 since it stuck out to me from the rest of the festival circuit songs at the time.

REALITYTEARS is coming to face reality, finding love in friends, feeling genuinely good instead of putting on the face for the end."

2. What are 3 things that make you happy in life?

"3 things that have made me the most happy in life when I do genuinely search for happiness is sleep (genuinely, it means a lot to see the sun), connection to other people, and visiting with nature."

3. What is something small, that always makes you happy?

"I tend to revisit the first place I ever worked. A fast food restaurant called Taco John's. I was 16, I worked there for 1 and a half years, and I was also treated poorly. That being said, the food, while really trashy, has a super intense nostalgia for me."

4. What would you with a totally free day?

"Go somewhere cool! The last time I had a totally free day (with money)" I drove to this place in Colorado called The Great Sand Dunes, shot some cool videos and vibed. Now I want to go to the Salt Flats in Utah for the same reason."

5. What are you most willing to put effort into?

"Music, live and die by it. It's the most free I've ever been and has led to my greatest personal achievements and has led me to a way better version of myself."

6. Which track from the EP resonates the most with yourself?

"Honestly, IT'S FORGETTABLE is the one that I have the closest connection to. Which makes little sense, since it's a very watered down version of my real potential I have. The message hits home the clearest to me."


The full EP by Acyan will be out on all stores, February 2nd!

Pre-save right here:

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