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A New Tool, For FFA Music Discovery...


Are you an aspiring musician looking for that one big record label release? Do you have a demo submission that you want to share with the world? If so, you might be interested in our brand new record label service, FFAI.

What Is FFAI?

FFAI (Full Flex Artificial Intelligence) uses advanced artificial intelligence to analyse, review and make decisions on new demo submissions, whilst giving you feedback based on your music style, quality, originality, and marketability. You can submit your demo online via our website, and get a response within minutes. Whether you get approved or rejected, you will get valuable insights on how to improve your music and better ways to reach your audience. The sophisticated algorithm is trained on a large database of songs from various genres and styles, and can provide strengths and weaknesses of each demo submitted.

What Else Can FFAI Do?

FFAI is also able to:

  • Connect artists with suitable other human labels or distributors

  • Streamline the process of discovering and developing new musical talent

  • Provide more opportunities and exposure for emerging artists

  • Submit new demo submissions for playlisting on Spotify, Apple Music and more

  • Compare current trends and preferences of different record labels, suggesting the best match for each artist.

  • Discover new talent and streamline the A&R process

Increase your chances of getting noticed and signed by using data-driven insights and recommendations, using FFAI!

How Do I Send My Demo?

To send your demo, click the button below and you will be directed to the submission page. You are a couple of clicks away from being signed on Full Flex Audio, all thanks to the advanced artificial intelligence on FFAI.

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Thrilled to hear about the new tool for FFA Music Discovery. 🚀🔍 Unveiling fresh sounds, hidden gems, and undiscovered talents – the essence of musical exploration is at our fingertips. To effectively promote Apple Music and iTunes, follow the link:

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