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5 Artists to Watch out for, on UUS5 👀

'Underground Unit: Sector 5' is just under a week away from being out in full, and we have caught up with 5 upcoming artists on UUS5 (K3MARE, Ryn, Primal Rights, SEDAMI & Cadofox) to learn more about themselves, what inspired them to be apart of the dubstep and EDM scenes plus lots more!


Q1. Welcome to the Underground Unit! Please give us an introduction to yourself for the viewers.

K3MARE - "Hi, I am K3MARE! I’m a 16-year-old Producer from Germany who mainly produces Heavy/Melodic Bass Music."

Ryn - "Hi! I’m Ryn, and I’m a musician, glitch artist, and programmer from the US."

Primal Rights - "My name is Hogan, 19 years old, and I am currently living in North Carolina. I've been producing EDM, Hip Hop and Lo-fi music for almost 5 years, and it's been one of my favorite things to do since then. I've been making reaction videos for Dubstep/Electronic music for a year now. and I've been really enjoying it. I also enjoy Overwatch, Minecraft, Genshin Impact and watching anime."

SEDAMI - "Hi! My name is Alex, also known as SEDAMI, and I’m a 16-year-old bass music producer. I like to work with a lot of genres, but my favourite ones, in particular, are Dubstep, Riddim, and Drum & Bass."

Cadofox - "Hiya! My names Angel, and I go by the alias Cadofox. I'm a Cali born/raised Latino producer. I'm part of the LGBT community and my pronouns are he/they. Im 19, been producing since I was 9. Fun fact about me my real last name looks a LOT like the word avocado (it is not avocado)."

Q2. What attracted you to the dubstep scene or the EDM scene as a whole?

K3MARE - "I first found dubstep in 2014 through the Youtube channel “DubstepGutter”. I was amazed by the power of every sound I was hearing. It eventually inspired to create my own music years later."

Ryn - "Funnily enough, my first experiences with the genre (about 4-5 years back) were through video games/remixes, specifically Geometry Dash, but I keep that part of my life locked deep in the “Dungeon of Awful Decisions.” Looking back, I got way too caught up in the “controversies” of that game (yes, there was actual beef… BETWEEN GEOMETRY DASH PLAYERS), so I just stopped playing at one point. However, my love for that music persisted, so I did some more research, found some more artists, and at one point, I just started trying to make music."

Primal Rights - "I heard some dubstep while watching beyblade AMV’s when I was super young. Then I heard Minecraft youtubers using Monstercat and other EDM songs in their videos, which is how I heard about Monstercat, then it got to branching out to other electronic labels, such as Disciple, Never Say Die, etc."

SEDAMI - "The main thing that got me into dubstep was definitely my cousin! The first time I listened to dubstep was when my cousin showed me a song by Barely Alive called "Dead Link". Everything about the track really intrigued me. The satisfying flows, memorable melodies, and the mind-blowing sound design really made me think about how the song was made and made me want to start my own music alias. Let’s just say I wouldn’t be where I am right now if not thanks to my cousin."

Cadofox - "I’ve thought about this a lot, and I can’t out my finger on it. I know I started listening to Skrillex first (ofc), but it was never a specific quality that drew me in. Everything about it just “clicked” with me and I’ve pretty much grown up with the music in the dubstep/edm scene."

Q3. What is the main idea/meaning behind your UU:S5 featuring track?

K3MARE - "When I started my track “Heaven’s Gate”, I imagined someone leaving Earth and their body until they faced the massive gates of heaven for the first time. To put this thought into a song, I tried to make the theme of the song very majestic and made it build upon itself."

Ryn - "The track is honestly more of a sound-design flex. I was in the mood to make something grimy and slippery, which worked in my favour because I had recently made a plugin* with a mode that made things sound very slimy. I also plugged Wikipedia’s stock definition of a stomach-ache into a text-to-speech engine, and it fit in splendidly, so I named the track “Stomach Ache.” When I sent it to Martin and Emery, they both said that “Stomach Ache” was an awful name that no one would want to listen to, and I agreed (eventually). I settled on calling it [NAME REDACTED] as a gag because, technically, the name was redacted, and Martin really liked it.

*This plugin is in a gated beta. You can apply for it at "

Primal Rights - "I was searching for some samples through sample channels on discord and found some bleepy sounds that were super nice, so I wanted to mess around and see if I could create anything. Turns out I was able to create a full track with the bleepy bloop sounds being the main standout point."

SEDAMI - "The main idea behind my track was to imagine myself diving into the depths of a dreamy underwater world and finding something unexpected. In terms of the title though... let's just say I *didn't bother* to actually choose one!"

Cadofox - "I am a huge music theory nerd, and like to play around with those ideas that typically wouldn’t be seen in stuff like this. Cipher was inspired by learning what “quintuplet swing” was from an Adam Neely video. I really liked the feel of it a lot and basically just started a track based off of the technical aspect of time signatures. The title doesn’t have much meaning, it kinda came from the experience when you first hear something in time signatures in 5/8 or 7/4, where your brain just doesn’t know what to do with the extra beats in the bar."

Q4. Who are your main influences in music that inspire you to create your own music?

K3MARE - "Ives’ Iris is one of my biggest inspirations when it comes to song writing and adding details to my songs. For heavy music, I would pick JoeB as my main inspiration. Moore Kismet always inspires my creativity. Last but not least, all of my friends that always help me in the best way possible to improve and set new goals."

Ryn - "The artist who really kicked off my interest in production was Chime, but I take musical inspiration from artists like kuatari, Ferlite, Leotrix, Runnit, eliderp, crackedmassive, Tyler the Creator, and many others."

Primal Rights - "Hukae, Moore Kismet, Cripplingg, JayVersace (hip hop), Cloudnone, HOL!"

SEDAMI - "My main influences in the music scene are surely Automhate, Madcore, Eliderp and Space Laces! All of them are insanely talented and their works inspire and motivate me to get on their level someday."

Cadofox - "I have so many that I could list, but Jacob Collier, Moore Kismet, Adam Neely, Phonon, and Dr Ozi are my top 5 as of now I think. There is so much good stuff that comes from these artists, and I’ve always found something new to learn from them and keep my ideas fresh."

Q5. When it comes to a writer's block, what techniques do you use to avoid getting stuck in a rut?

K3MARE - "I feel like there is no way for me to really avoid it at all. After months of inspiration there is always 1-3 weeks that follow with writer’s block. However, I figured out that taking a break from music is the most effective way for me to get back to that inspiration."

Ryn - "I often take a sample (not a loop) and try to make it sound as different as possible from where it was originally. [NAME REDACTED] started from a Nvctve bass in one of their packs, but I processed it and built onto it so much that you couldn’t really tell."

Primal Rights - "Taking a break is always a good option. But if I still wanna make music, I try different genres. Sometimes Anime has helped me get out of writers block a lot actually."

SEDAMI - "Whenever I have writer’s block, I just try to force myself to produce music and experiment with new techniques or weird plugins! However, sometimes the best thing to do is just giving yourself a little break!"

Cadofox - "I think my approach to avoiding writers block is allow yourself to let ideas go. I’ve found that most of the time I end up in a block is because of a specific idea that I’ve been trying to make work is just not going anywhere. I try to keep the “finish everything” mentality as best as I can, but I land a lot more ideas when I don’t let myself get hung up on a specific project. Treat every project like practice!"

Q6. Finally, to cap this Q&A off, describe your 'Underground Unit: Sector 5' track in 3 words!

K3MARE - "Atmospheric, majestic, heavy"

Ryn - "Slimy, gorgeous mess?"

Primal Rights - "Bleepy bloopy blop"

SEDAMI - "Underwater, unexpected, sharp."

Cadofox - "Count to five!"

Pre-Save 'Underground Unit: Sector 5' right here, in time for the release date, August 30th!

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