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5 Artists to Watch in 2021 👀

With the new year upon us, it's only right that we highlight some upcoming names that are going to be breaking through onto Full Flex Audio in 2021. We've got a whole host of releases lined up and ready to go, that will continue to deliver that forward thinking sound that is now expected from us and the artists that release on FFA.

Now let's get into 5 artists that you should watch out for on FFA, in 2021!



NRVE, being the last artist to release on Full Flex Audio in 2020, will be making an appearance again on the label further into the new year. His sound design is remarkable, structuring is on point and the delivery of many different flows on one track, is truly superb.

'Spin Cycle' is the track that we are talking about; a release that is ever-evolving and continues to move, giving the first time listener trouble keeping up with where the track is going to go next!

He mentioned in his end of year Q&A (previous blog post) that he wants to hit 1000 followers on Soundcloud before this year is out. Currently sitting at around 330, this is 100% achievable and we believe that he will get it done with plenty of time to spare!

If you haven't already, check out 'Spin Cycle' below, which is out on all platforms:



Having released on FFA before, Damnasie is no stranger to the label. Hailing from France, this artist has showcased in the past that he is capable of making any sound with ease and pulls off some wild stunts in tracks. Take for example his featuring track on 'Underground Unit: Sector 4'; 'Stay (Leave)'' has a super airy intro, followed by a hyped up build and a brutal (but catchy) main section, that makes the listener come back for more.

BLOG EXCLUSIVE: Damnasie will be hopping back onto Full Flex Audio in February, with a solo track that has a 'track of the year' type of vibe. We won't spoil it yet (or maybe you've already heard it on the '2021' tab through our website?) 😲

Relive 'Stay (Leave)' from UUS4 right here!:



A new artist that recently cropped up on our release radar, is Jitterclick. We probably got a first glimpse into Jitterclick through his self-released single titled 'Nocturne', which showcases a very unique and stylistic atmosphere, that will last for a long time to come. If as an artist you can develop a unique style, then you are onto a winner!

BLOG EXCLUSIVE: The first release of 2021 is with...? We'll let you finish that sentence 😉

In the meantime, go check out 'Nocturne' on Jitterclick's Soundcloud page, leave a comment saying 'FFA brought me here' 😄



The new artists just keep on coming, and recently we found out about an artist called Stealth. This artist takes the riddim sound and futuristic dubstep style to a whole new level, which expands as his tracks go on.

Much later into 2021, we will see the release of 'Side Effects' on Full Flex Audio as a stand alone single; this track is super fun, has a great bouncy vibe to it and it is one that all the listeners of FFA will love, regardless of your listening pleasures!

Look out for that track further into 2021, but for now, check out his latest release titled 'GET STOOPID', which as the name suggests, gets a bit crazy as it goes on!

(And it's available for free, go snag that free DL!)



Finally, on our 5 artists to watch out for in 2021 on Full Flex Audio, is Cheap Thrill. This artist is everything but cheap, but hosts a whole lot of thrills within his latest releases! From his 'Snarl' bootleg (available as free download), to the very newest preview, 'On Hold', shows off two totally different ideas, that keep true to the dubstep style and a Cheap Thrill sound which is unmatched.

BLOG EXCLUSIVE: Expect 'On Hold' later on into 2021 through Full Flex Audio, but will it be released as a single, or as part of an EP release? We'll let you decide on that one!

So that's our early thoughts on 2021, and 5 artists you should definitely be keeping a close watch on, as the year develops on Full Flex Audio.

Which of the 5 artists are you looking forward to the most on FFA?

Maybe we'll do another one of these half way through the year, to see how the 5 artists above are getting on, and pick another 5 to lookout for in the 2nd half of '21.

Leave a comment below if you enjoyed this blog post, and if you'd like to see more of this content in the future!

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