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4 Artists From UUS4 You Should Know About! (DRIPXER, PRODVKT, RUSHKID & SHFFT)

Full Flex Audio has always been known for promoting underground artists and giving the upcoming names a platform to shine on. 'Underground Unit: Sector 4' is no exception; out of 24 artists featuring, 12 have NOT featured on FFA before! We asked 4 members of the UUS4 roster (those being RUSHKID, SHFFT, PRODVKT & DRIPXER) some questions about their forthcoming tracks, inspirations in music and much more!


Question 1. Firstly, welcome to FFA on the biggest release of the year, Underground Unit: Sector 4! For those that do not know about you as an artist, tell us a little bit about yourself and the style of music you create?


"First of all it is a pleasure to be a part of UUS4, I am very grateful for this opportunity. My name is Luciano Heredia alias DRIPXER, I am from Argentina Buenos Aires and I am 19 years old. Mostly my music is set up for riddim and dubstep, I'd like to experiment a bit with those genres as they have a lot of potential and a lot more creativity to squeeze out of, riddim more than anything, as various producers are squeezing the riddim style into something more melodic."


"Hi my name is James, alias being PRODVKT, I'm 18, with a large interest in engineering and sound design, and I create experimental bass music using Ableton Live 10 as my software of choice . I create a majority of all of my sounds from scratch, in order to achieve my own, unique, style of sound design."


"Hi! I am RUSHKID, a Chilean producer who makes tearout and dubstep and other genres of electronic music."


"I am SHFFT, and I’ve been producing since late 2016. My style mainly mixes

heavy and melodic elements to express emotions. I intend to indirectly tell a story with

every song. A story that is not completely specified, but instead up to each listener to

use their imagination and decide what it is."


Question 2. What attracted you to the dubstep scene and when were you first interested by it?


"Something remarkable called me and led me to the dubstep scene in 2010, it is nothing more and nothing less than the monstrous sounds of Skrillex, it was a moment when my head exploded and millions of doubts arose towards the genre, more than nothing. Because I was listening to David Guetta, Tiesto, Deadmau5, and it was something super wow for the moment and out of nowhere, moving to something heavier was like wtf, how the hell does he do this? From there I started investigating, watching videos, etc..."


"When I was younger I discovered that I had a synesthetic connection to sight and sound, and for the most part EDM/Dubstep had the strongest effect on this connection. It was some of the most beautiful experiences I've ever had, which pushed me to want to create my own style of this genre!"


"I like the fact that there are several styles and that each producer has his/her own style of music and, at first, it was strange to enter the dubstep scene because I did not think that there were so many producers around the world, I am talking like 2 years ago when I entered fully into the production"


"I had only ever discovered dubstep back in 2014. I had never heard any sort of

electronic music before, and it was so different and interesting that it really stuck with

me. I’ve always been curious about how things were made, so I looked into it. I found

the concept of dubstep even more interesting after that, and eventually wanted to try to

make my own, just for fun. Honestly, it might be the best thing that has ever happened

in my life so far."


Question 3. What is the idea behind your track featuring on UUS4, and what is the meaning, if any, of the track title?


The truth is that I would not know what to say about it, I am only inspired by several artists that I admire, plus I am very obsessed with dark things, paranormal, satanic, gore, always in my tracks you will find something related to something dark (either the atmosphere in the track or the title itself)"


"The main premise of my track "WEAPON CHUNE" was to be a demonstration of some of the newer sounds I've created and to be a "live-set weapon" of sorts for DJs to either double or play alone to get some unique tones. The meaning behind the title of the track is just as the name entails, a tool to melt raver brains accordingly!"


"When I started the project I was thinking about making something with a theme of Asian martial arts and occidental instruments"


"My track, “Soul Of Crimson” is supposed to be dark and emotional. The track’s

calmer melodic parts represent sadness and hopelessness, while the more intense parts

represent stress and anger. The title also means this; “Soul” being one self and

“Crimson” being the emotions that they are dealing with (The reason I chose the word “Crimson” for that is because it’s similar to the colour of blood, which can represent pain.)"


Question 4. What/who are your influences/inspirations into creating dubstep, or music in general?


"When it comes to producing, I am inspired a lot by artists such as Leotrix, Hukae, Marauda, ​​Aweminus, Syzy and more than anything my friends, they stand out more because they are the ones who support me and give me advice when making music."


"In no real particular order: Skrillex (but I'm pretty sure that's a given), Halkyon , Leotrix , BVSSIC, Voltra, Syzy, Svdden Death and Killrina just to name a few."


"My core principal influences when I make dubstep are DKKAY, Marauda, Facesplit and Code:Pandorum. But the most important is Hans Zimmer because I like a lot of orchestral music."


"There are so many people who have inspired me that I can’t even recall them

all. But, I can say that Virtual Riot, Tristam, Flux Pavilion, Au5, Koan Sound and Fox

Stevenson were a few people that inspired me in the very beginning."


Question 5. When writing music, what techniques do you use to avoid the dreaded writer’s block?


"When I see that I am trying too hard to do something that is not working, or I feel that something is not working and is stressing me out, I stop making music and talk to my friends to distract myself and play a bit and have a chat. Most of my friends find themselves in the same situation and we laugh about it, because it is something normal that happens to all of us when it comes to producing."


"I tend to create unique limitations for myself in order to improve my musical skills. Say for instance there is a specific sound I wish to achieve with a synth that I'm used to. Well, I won't use that synth for the entirety of the project and I'll use something I'm not used too or that I'm unfamiliar with; in order to expand my knowledge of the software and come up with creative ways to achieve said desired sound I had in mind. Limitations breed creativity, regardless of the situation."


"Overproduce even when you have a lot of free time, because the mind is easily exhausted if you do the same thing all the time."


"One way that I avoid a writer's block is just to not overthink it. When you make a track you

should focus on creating what you want to make, instead of worrying about how good it

is or what other people will think of it. Sure it needs to be good, and improvement is

always beneficial.. but you shouldn’t let that drag you down to the point where you

can’t get anything done. Another thing I do is just experiment with sound design or random ideas, sometimes it can turn into something cool and bring back some inspiration."


Question 6. Where do you see the future of electronic music going, especially dubstep?


"The truth is that I would not know what to say about it, but yes, dubstep has a future, because there will always be someone else who innovates in the genre, as in this case, it is happening to riddim right now."


"The dubstep scene as we know it now seems to have remained relatively dormant compared to other booming genres in the music industry. However, I believe in a few years Dubstep and other bass music genres will see a brilliant resurgence across the world due to advancing technologies at our finger tips. Eventually this genre will just be scientifically... well, better right?"


"It is hard to tell how the music industry is going to be in the future, but every day something new is created and that can only be a good thing moving forward."


"With the amount of creativity I’ve seen lately, things can only get better,

especially if a lot of underrated and talented smaller artists manage to get the

recognition they deserve."


Question 7. Describe your 'Underground Unit: Sector 4 featuring track in only 3 words!


"Crazy, extravagant and shocking."


"Loud, sound and FLEX ."


"Machine-guns, Kung-Fu and flutes."


"Dark, heavy and emotional."


And that marks the end of the Q&A! Thanks to the artists for taking part in this Q&A, we've got plenty more UUS4 content coming up very soon! Which track are you looking forward to from UUS4? Comment below!

(Don't forget to pre-save the release for the 29th of September!)

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